19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 7

In the Chamber of Deputies, on Saturday, Mneshal Sundt, President

of the Council, presented a project of law for an extraordinary credit of 140,000,000 francs, to cover the expenses required for the, fortifica- tion of Paris. The Marshal observed, thet on accepting the office which the confidence of the King bad conSansal upon hint, he found that the system of' fortifications had been already decided upon. It was not for him to judge of' that plan at the pre, emit moment : his sole ob- ject and that of his colleagues was to submit the whole question to the Chamber for its examination, and exactly- as it had been conceived by their predecessors. He should therefore abstain from making any re- mark upon that system, the s xecution of which bad heen already com- menced : it must not, however, he supyosed that he had abandoned an opinion expressed iti 1832 and 1833 in favour of the erection of forts around Paris, although he thought that this was not the moment to ex- amine that opinion. The project of law was laid on the table, and or- dered to lie printed.

31. Hamann, the Minister of Finance, demanded supplementary credits for 1941 to the amount of 206,00o,000 franes,—namely, 175,000,0110 for the land and sea forces, 26,000,000 for ti .e Army of Africa, and 31,0n0,000 for the fortification of the frontier strong places.

The Chamber had iireviously met in its standing coininittees to ex- amine the demiund of extraerdinary credits lately made by the Cabinet ; and the result of' their deliberation appears to have been favourable to the grant of the supplies necessary for the con tio um ion of die armament.

The Clemther of Peers have presented to the Wad of the Jim:Rules the forty-eight Austrian standards taken at Ulm, mmii:1. cesieealed by the late Marquis de Semonville (Grande Het's:rend:tiro id the ( 'hamber) on the appro:,ch of the Allies to Paris in 1814. It will be recollected that these standards were presented tt) the Chamber by th.. Mdrquis mantic- diately after the Revolution of 1830.--Noniltur Fori.,;ca.

The Monitenr of Wedoesday Oyes a tel,..zral.lii:: decpateh from. Marshal 'all6e, dated A leiers, December Sth, to this effect— " The

I province if Algiers is trammil. In the proviece of Ora a, General La- moricierre has made another razia with complete sum-se.'

'f he I/ miteio. contains :t royal ordinance, proviling that from the 1st of January- the pay- of the non- commissioned officers, corporals, and brigadiers of all arms excepting the gendarmerie, :shall be increased three centimes per day.

A Toulon letter of the 11th instant states that Admiral Hugon has been ordered to sAil imtnediately, with six ships of the line, to Morocco, to demaud satisfaction for the insult recently offered to the French

Consul at Tangier. Some steamers are to go with the squadron, and if satisfaction is refused the place is to be bombarded.

The Commerce, in referring to the departure of the Queen Dowager of Spain from Paris on her journey to Italy, on Wednesday week, observes, that "Her Majesty will first pay a visit to her sister, the Grand Dutehess of Tuscany, and then go on to Rome to have an inter- view with the Pope, the Queen Dowager of Naples, her mother, and the Queen Dowager of Sardinia, her aunt. The reason assigned for her renunciation Of her project of visiting Naples is, her desire to avoid the Infante Don Sebastian, who has married the younger sister of her Majesty. The evening previous to the Queen's departure, the Prince and Princess of Calmat, who, during her sojourn in Paris had been daily visiters or guests of her Majesty, paid her a long farewell visit."

The Tribunal of Correctional Police on Friday convicted the Chari- rani, by default, of a libel on M. Emile Girardin. The sentence was 10,000 francs damages, 2,000 francs fine, and one year's imprisonment for M. Sougere, the responsible editor of the Charivari. There will be an appeal against the judgment, on the ground that M. Emile Giiardin had no civil rights, being a natural son.

The Court of Cessation, after hearing counsel in the appeal by Madame Laffarge from Wednesday to Friday last week, on Saturday rejected the appeal.