19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 8

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On Me 911 :wt.. the It-v. 'IDLE% Vi"rar. a.."11 f eth li,,t , Lady of the A.,) ,NIPER 111:N,AN, a 7% Woll, stil,•bora


At Oetaeamand. in India, tIv•rhsv Perim. Esq., M.C.S , nephew of the Right lion. J. llookhatn Frew. to Tor:omits, daughter of the Lord Bishop of Itadras. The Eel'. JAMES EASTWICK,, M.A., of cuneywestun. to Cnsahurrs, daughter of William Thonii:son, Esq.. Stamford. At St. George's Hanover Square, EDWARD TYLER, &I., of Oxford Square, Hyde Park. to HANNAH, daughter of the late Sir William Smith, Bart., of Alowick. Ott the 81.11 hist, it) Abercrumby Place, JOHN 'Iltemsost, Esq., Professor of theTbrory of Music in tlte University of Edinburgh, IO JANE HELEN, daughter of the Very Rev. Principal Lee. On the Silt inst.. in Fettes Row, J.AME8 STAux, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of1,1,,ician, to Iwo:IA.4, eldest daughter of Adam Black, Esq. At Canipbeltun, near Fort-George, W B. GARDNER, ESC]. Iteval Artillery, eldest son of Major. General the llott. W. II. Gardner, to ELIZA, eldest :laughter of Colonel Sir Alexander Anderson, C. B.

On the 17th inst., at liedsor, Eewarto Maxim Busses., Esq., son of Edward' Thomas Hussey, Esq., of the barony Galtrint. county of Meath, to the iloa. FREDERICA MARIA LOUISA IRBY, fourth daughter of Lord Ihiston. On the l'2111 host.. at Brompton Church, STEPHEN DIOIIT, eldest son of the late Admiral Robert Murray, to GEWIDIANA FRANCESCA, dItlIghlIPT of J. G. Brett. Esq., Grove [louse, Ottl Brompton.


On the 12th inst.. in Charles Street, St. James's, Captain the Thin. 'stirs Svemer, hite a the Eighty.tifilt Light Infantry, third son of the Right lion. the Earl of Moray, E.T., in his 34th year. Ott the 1st inst., at Talaton. in Devonshire, where he had resided for some years mt, on account of the state of his health, Lord Blume, eldest sou of the Earl of Elgin, in his 41st year. On the Rith inst., at Bath, Ailtniral Sir ii easy Ilalwrine, G. C.13.. in his 75th year, On the 12th Inst., at Claremont Lodge, Cheltenham. Sir WILLIAM IlennsTr. On the Sth October, at sea, near Bernbay, Lieutenant J. P. Maxon, Eleventh Regiment N.1.; and on the 16th October, at Bombay, Cstasta,his Widow, in her 24th yen, youngest daughter of James Burnes, Esq., Montrose. On the 711, inst., at Bath, Sir WILLIAM DICK, ill MS 7tmtm year; eighth Baronet og Braid, Se, theta, who is succeeded in the title by his neat brother. Rage Dick. Esq., of Port Hall. Preston, near Brighton. Oa the titit td Peter,ham, the lion. ELIZA MACKENZIE ELPIIINSTONE, iiiimigimter of the deceased John eleventh Lord Elphinstone. CHARLEA B. ADAM, ',Midshipman of her 'Majesty's ship Fairy, sun of Vice. Admiral Sir Charles Adam, in his Rith year. At Watwolth, Mrs, Ecitruno, Relict wr Mr. John lickfurd, whom, after a union of tiny years, Ole surf iced but two mouths.