19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 8

The long-disputed question of the navigation of the Douro was

be- ginning to be discussed by the Spanish and Portuguese Governments with more acrimony ; Portugal opposing impediments to the use of the river by Spain.

M. Olozaga had been positively appointed Minister of Spain in France, and was to have left Madrid on the .7th. He was believed to b& charged with an important mission to King Louis Philippe.

The Constantinople correspondent of the Morning Chronicle, writing on the 27th November, says—" The public have been horror-struck by the atrocious conduct of the captain of the Turkish frigate which was employed to tran-port 1,400 Egyptian prisoners from Syria to Coastan- tinople. The miscreant, having heard that most of these men were provided with money, refused to let them have water or the necessaries of life during the voyage except at the most exorbitant price. The consequence of this diabolical speculation was, that 400 of these unfor- tunate wretches perished from hunger or thirst. The captain has been condemned to Le hung or decapitated ; though the sentence, I under- stand, has not yet been executed. According to the first number of the Madras 'Motown, a new paper which commenced on the 1st of' October, the report of Lord Auck- land's resignation is fully confirmed- " Our readers may not perhaps he aware that Lord Auckland tendered his resignation of the Governor-Generalship of India to the Court of Directors some months back. We how underidand, and we have no doubt of the fact, that his Lordship's resignation has been accepted; the intelligence having reached Madras by the last overland mail. The Honourable T. C. Robertson, memba of the Supreme Council and Deputy-Governor of Bengal, hos been apio;nted to scceeed provisionally to the Governor-Generalship ; which high situation it is eNreicted he will continue to till till September 1843, the dude of the expiration it his service as member of the Supreme Council and Deputy. Governor of Bengal."