19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 8


Au Edinburgh carrespondent calls our attention to an editorial article in the Scottish Pilot. (the organ if the 'Voluntary Disseuters,) impugning our statement; regardiog the mite, tai unmet to Mr. 131,,seu. ignormiee of the London press on Scotch subjeuts is proverbial," amiss the Pi/ot. We cannot say that the London press HOPE kIlOW about Scotelt subjects; but lids we know, that loom own e,,se we have never yet touched ;my sore port of any party in Scotland without being told hy that party mat we hail shown " ignelance '' by so doing. With regard to Mr. IstAce's dinner, were it worth while we could ca.ily substautiate all that we said about it. Itnt “110W that affair to rest, in consequence or the satistactury resolutions adopted 1)y the nteetIng of Di z..eitters heltP,on the 16th; nor shall we return to the subject if those resolutions be firmly and perseveringly meter! upon.