19 DECEMBER 1840, Page 9

The appointment of Captain Grey as Governor and Commander-in- Chief

of South Australia, and also as Resilent Commissioner of Public Lands in that Province, is announced in last night's Gazette.

The same Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed the fol- lowing officers to be Knights Companion of the Bath— Captain Charles John Austen, of the Royal Navy ; Captain the Honourable William!Waldegrave, of' the Royal Navy ; Captain Maurice Frederick F. 'Berkeley, oh' the. Royal Navy ; Captain Edward Collier, of the Royal Navy ; Captain William Wilmot Henderson, of the Royal Navy; Captain Arthur Fan- shawe, of the Raiy at Navy ; Captain Iloustoo Stewart, of the Royal Navy ; Captain Edward Boxer, of the Royal Navy ; Captain Henry Byam Martin, of the Royal Navy ; Captain Henry John Codrington, of the Royal Navy ; Lieu- tenant: :Colonel* W. Walker, of the Royal Marines; Captain William Honey- man Henderson, of the Royal Navy ; and Captain Horatio Austin, of the Royal Navy.