19 JULY 1957, Page 32

THE KLEINS OF D'ARBLAY STREET Sin,—The 'poky little art gallery'

which Mr. Bernard Levin referred to—Gallery One, in D'Arblay Street— is conducted by an admirable lyric poet, Mr. Victor Musgrave, and by his wife, Miss Ida Kar, the chosen photographer of many of the finest continental and British artists. It is one of the not very many galleries in London that seek out new young talents; and has been the principal sponsor of painters of the quality of John Christoforou, F. N. Souza, Alexander Weatherson and Enrico Baj. Its atmosphere is agreeably unlike that of a bank : it is amusing, creative and intelligent—words which even an admirer of Mr. Levin's writing could not use to describe his article.—Yours faithfully,