19 JULY 1957, Page 34

Cfje 6pettator


MR. ARNOLD'S company, having no house of their own, are still in lodgings at the Olympic; where the Spectator paid them a visit a few evenings ago. We,,, their pretension to the title of 'the English OPer'i to be judged of by what they are doing at preSe01; it would be found exceedingly small. At the En8lIsi Opera, we have nothing that deserves the name _„° opera, either as regards the music or the performance. We have those nondescripts which go by the e°,1, venient name of 'Musical Pieces,' with French Pl°14 Cockney farce, and genuine English music,—muse composed by Englishmen whose taste remains IP' corrupted by vicious German and Italian models.