19 JULY 1957, Page 40

Roman Roads

IVAN D. MARGARY has made his life study one Of those aspects of history in the open air which hn'ici always been dear to the hearts of the British fie archaeologist—the tracing of the roads left behni, by the Romans. The second of his two beautifo „o/ produced volumes, Roman Roads in Brill°, (Phcenix House, 50s.), goes from the Foss Wahle to the north of the Antonine Wall. His is first complete account of this subject in Britain „ since Thomas Codrington's Roman Roads Britain was published in 1903. The book 1:i indispensable for anyone studying the borieo cultural landscape of Britain, whether he be f, professional archaeologist, map maker or hist06 ian, or the general reader interested in his ovi corner of the country. GLYN DANK