19 JULY 1957, Page 5

Twenties Intelligence

Press criticisms of The Twenties by John Montgomery (Allen and Unwin, 25s.) A LOVELY scrapbook of nostalgia.—Reynolds News. No ATTEMPT to guy them or use them as a peg for nostalgia.—The Times.

ALMOST unbelievably dull.—The Economist. MANAGING never to be dull.—Newcastle Journal.

SKILFULLY compiled.—Tribune.

THE ARRANGEMENT is unattractively confused.

The Observer.

BOTH FASCINATING and nostalgic.—Birminghani Post. NOT, TO be fair, a dealer in nostalgia.

Glasgow Herald.

LIVELY CHRONICLE.—Evening Standard. RATHER laboriously compiled.—The Scotsman.

PUT The Twenties on your library list.

Peter Noble, BBC.

I CANNOT recommend this book.

Arthur Calder-Marshall, BBC.