19 JULY 1957, Page 6

Dramatic Intelligence

MISS LEIGH suddenly jumped to her feet.—Daily FOR A few moments she stood unnoticed at the wooden barrier to the Chamber.—Daily Sketch.

SHE WAS wearing a small white halo hat.—Daily Express.

. . . a large flat hat. —Daily Mail.

LORD BLACKFORD was speaking.—Daily Herald. LORD BLACKFORD had just finished.—Daily Telegraph. LORD HUNTINGDON had just begun.—The Times.

SHORTLY before 6.45.—Daily Telegraph. . . . at 6.45.—Daily Sketch. SHORTLY BEFORE 7.—Daily Herald.

BLACK ROD leapt up and hurried to her carrying his gold-tipped staff of oflice.—Daily Mail.

SIR BRIAN leaned over and said, 'You will have to go now.'—Daily Express.

BLACK ROD touched her shoulder.—Daily Mirror. put a hand on her arm.—Daily Sketch. . . . seized her arm.—Daily Herald.

intr. EARL OF BEssaoaotton escorted Miss Leigh from the chamber down a corridor to a car.—Daily Sketch. EXEUNT all three to the peers' tea-room for a cup of tea.—Daily Herald.