19 JUNE 1953, Page 7

Furry Friend my Foot I wrote some weeks ago in

disparaging terms of Nutto, my resident grey squirrel, and since then several readers have asked for more news of her. She still uses my house as a sort of pied d terre, but apart from stripping the wistaria and on two consecutive mornings stealing the butter off the breakfast table she has not done us a great deal of harm. She seems however bent on establishing a reign of terror in the neighbourhod and has effected an entry into several cottages within a radius of a mile of us, to the consternation or their occupants. On paper it looks as if she must come to a sticky end before long; but such is her resource and agility that it will not be easy to bring her to book. Last time I saw her she was sitting on top of a cupboard in the dining- room, eating a grape with a preoccupied air and spitting the pips venomously across the room. ," Nutto," I said, " one of these days you will go too far." She looked at me with contempt and went on guzzling.