19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 1


THE chief event of the week has been the attempt on the part of the Prime Minister to coerce Ulster. By threats in the leading columns of the " kept " portion of the Unionist Press and by inspired communigue,s from " Ministerial sources " he has tried to induce her to give up her essential policy and pretend that there are not two Irelands but one Ireland and that Partition is impossible ! We have dealt with these infamous proposals to break faith with Ulster, but must note here that on Thursday morning the omens are much more favourable. They seem to show that the bluff of the would-be betrayers and pledge- breakers has failed and that they are now in full retreat, declaring, as they fall back, that their intentions were always strictly honourable and that they never meant to be unfair in word or deed to Ulster or to endanger the unity of the Unionist Party. In a word, the resoluteness of the true Unionist has had its effect and thoroughly frightened the new allies of Sinn Fein.