19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 2

President Harding, who on Armistice Day. (November 11th) bad attended

the burial of America's Unknown Warrior in Arlington Cemetery, welcomed on the following day the Allied representatives at the Conference on armaments and Far Eastern questions. In his opening address, Mr. Harding said that the summons to the Conference was " the spoken- word of a war. wearied world struggling for restoration, hungering and thirsting for better relationships." America had no sordid ends to serve. "Content with what we have, weseek nothing which is another's." " Our hundred millions frankly want leas of armament and none of war." " Wholly free from guile, sure- in our minds that we harbour no unworthy designs, we accredit the world with the same good intent." The President desired that all should commit themselves to " leas preparation' for war and more enjoyment of fortunate peace."