19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 26

An Analysis of the Statistical Position of Rubber. By Major

J. C. G. Kunhardt. (Rickinson and Son. 2s. 6d. net.)--In this thoughtful pamphlet Major Kunhardt discusses the position of the rubber industry during the past month in the light of the statistics of production and consumption since 1910. He takes strong exception to the estimates put forward in July by the Rubber Growers' Association, in the interests, as he thinks, of the manufacturers rather than of the consumers. His own view is that the production will be smaller and the consumption far greater than the Association predicted. He contends that, as the world's consumption since 1910 has increased at the average rate of 21 per cent. a year, it is not unreasonable to expect next year an increase in consumption of 12 per cent. on the estimate for the current year. The world will then consume 390,000 tons of pure rubber in '1922, whereas the Rubber Growers' Association anticipates a total consumption of only 250,000 tons next year. If Major Kunhardt is right, rubber companies •will have to reconsider their position. He states his case very clearly, and lays great stress on the import- ance of interpreting aright such figures as are available in regard to stooks.