19 NOVEMBER 1921, Page 26

they do not provoke loud laughter, these sketches stimulate a

reasonable number of smiles. Mr. Milne tells, among other things, of a patriotic pianola with which he achieved some dis- tinction before the War by playing " The Charge of the Uhlans." During the War this pianola, although it played waltzes quite well, refused to perform its piece de resistance. Six people who heard this tale refused to believe it :-

" I made an effort, therefore, with the seventh person.

' I put on "The Charge of the Uhlans," ' I said, and it played

" Cod Save the King." ' • Unfortunately he was a very patnietio person and he believed it."

In addition to some amusing War articles, there is a nonsense novel in the manner of Mr. Leacoek and some humorous verse.