19 NOVEMBER 1994, Page 44

Fat chance

Sir: From a review of some 1,200 words, (Books, 29 October) John Goodwin, an old friend and former PR supremo at the National Theatre, plucks just one to charge me patronisingly of being so influenced by my husband that I had forsaken independent judgment, (Letters, 12 November). Fat chance.

It is true that when the NT opened I was optimistic (untrue that I accepted a post there; I preferred to remain freelance, working from home rather than the bunker). However, almost 20 years on, hope grows cold and the last time I visited the place it was 'buzzing' with about as much life as an empty dog's kennel.

Perhaps Mr Goodwin is still on the pay- roll. I think we should be told.

Helen Osborne

The Hurst, Clunton, Craven Arms, Salop