1 APRIL 1905, Page 14


SIE,—I am much obliged for the kindly review of "Church Work" in your issue of March llth. I would point out/.

however, that your reviewer has quite misunderstood my meaning in his criticism of my words on p. 250. I do not say that the name "Anabaptist " comes "from lack of teaching about baptismal grace," but that the schism arose from lack of teaching in the Church of England upon that subject. The misunderstanding is no doubt due to my bungling expression. That I know what the word "Anabaptist" means may be seen from my handbook on the Prayer-book, p. 6. I am constrained to write this because your reviewer falls foul of my "two learned editors" for passing a mistake. It would indeed have been a mistake had I meant what he suggests. I hope for my editors' sakes you will kindly publish this explanation.—I am, Sir, &c., 67 Queen Street, E. C. BERNARD REYNOLDS.