1 APRIL 1905, Page 14


Spectator, the stray pigeon picked up on the outward-bound Chile mail steamer off Bardsey Island on Christmas Eve has been restored to its home. The letter in your issue of February 4th led to the president of the Homing Pigeon Society tracing the owner to Willaston, a village near Nantwich. From there it had been lost in the heavy fog preceding Christmas, and before returning it has had to make a voyage of over nineteen thousand miles. It is a beautiful prize bird, with feet and legs like red coral, ever ready for a fight, even with its benefactor. It had never been out of my friend's cabin during the voyage, and, though recognising its old quarters again immediately, it is likely to miss there some of the amenity of its more recent life, such as the large wash-basin for the daily bath, and, above all, the mirror at which to dress its feathers and admire its own beauties.—I am, Sir, &c., HEPBURN BILLLANTINE. 5 Heath Bank Road, Birkenhead.