1 APRIL 1905, Page 2

On Wednesday night the third Fiscal Resolution—to the effect that

grave injury would be done to the shipping interest by the adoption of Mr. Chamberlain's policy—was moved by Mr. Osmond Williams and seconded by Colonel Denny, a Conservative Free-trader, and member of the great Dumbarton shipbuilding firm. The Treasury Bench remained empty throughout the debate, and only two speakers, Mr. McIver and Mr. Renwick, rose on the Ministerial side to oppose the Motion, which was carried nemine contradicente after

Mr. Bryce had declared that these grotesque performances showed that the Government must be nearing its end. The really significant feature of Wednesday's sitting, however, was the heckling of Mr. Balfour at question time, Mr. Winston Churchill asked the Premier whether he proposed to ask the House to expunge the Resolution passed on the previous evening and standing on the journals of the House, and "whether while it stands he considers his reten- tion of office consistent with his public duty or his personal honour."