1 APRIL 1905, Page 20

The Wedding of the Lady of Lovell. By Una L.

SilberracL (A. Constable and Co. 6s.)—Miss Silberrad in this series of short stories writes of a period and place both of which she keeps romantically vague. We know that the stories take place after the Civil War, and from the details of the costume of one of the heroines we may gather that the date is approximately some time in the eighteenth century. But as the stories all take place in the land of romance, the exact date and scene could be demanded by no one but a pedant. " Priscilla's Maying " is the story which possesses most charm, though "Mr. Smallpage's John" is a close rival. The book possesses a delicate flavour of its own, and must be placed on the higher plane of contemporary fiction.