1 APRIL 1905, Page 21

Literary Blunders. By H. B. Wheatley. (Elliot Stock. is. 6d.

net.) —This is a "popular edition" of a very amusing book. Some of the stories are very curious. Who would have thought that Mr. Gladstone would have made Daniel walk in the "burning fiery furnace "? But the vagaries and forgetfulnesses of the human brain are beyond all reckoning. One itiportant chapter in the book, which, as it is a new edition, need not be noticed at greater length, is that which deals with "Printers' Errors." A writer's work very often comes out of the printing office in better form than it went in. Still, some queer tricks are played with it at times. If all literary men would keep some record of their experiences in this direction, a very readable volume would result. One the writer of this notice may give. He had written in a sermon (preached after the conclusion of the Indian Mutiny) the words "new names written in God's book of martyrs" ; the last words were altered by the printer to "Fore's Book of Martyrs."