1 APRIL 1905, Page 3

. A notable indication of the change that is coming

over public opinion in regard to the present political situation is to be found in the fact that the Daily Mail, which is an avowed supporter both of the Ministry and of Tariff Reform, published on Wednesday a strong leading article in favour of a Dissolution, and that this call for an appeal to the people in order to prevent the further demoralisation of the Unionist party haa been repeated by other newspapers under the same control as the Daily Mail. No doubt Mr. Balfour is still doggedly opposed to the idea Of a Dissolution ; but if this demand is persisted in by a news- paper so widely read among the Unionist rank-and-file as the Daily Mail, we do not believe that he will be able to resist the pressure thus created. We do not desire to exaggerate the power of newspapers to change the determination of a Government, but in • this case we believe that the Daily Mdil represents not merely itself, but the views of the vast majority of the Unionist party, whether Chamberlainites, Balfouritels, or Free-traders. When in the Easter Recess Unionist Members go amongst their constituents, they will be everywhere told that the country is tired of " shilly-shally " on the Fiscal controversy, and that the Daily Mail speaks for the Unionist party as a whole when it demands an immediate appeal to the people. If such is the course of events, resistance to the outcry for a Dissolution cannot long be main- tained. Personally, we should be by no means surprised if during the Easter Recess, and therefore after the Chanceller of the Exchequer has opened his Budget, an appeal to the electors were determined upon. Possibly, however, Ministers may prefer to act on the old tradition that the proper time for a General Election is between the hay harvest and the corn harvest