1 APRIL 1905, Page 3

Mr. Balfour in reply expressed regret that he had not

been given due notice, as "his sole knowledge of what appeared to have taken place last night was derived from the question." While Mr. Balfottr was studying the order-book Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman rose to ask him whether he was still Leader of the House of Commons. Mr. Balfour retorted that he was so long as the majority of the House gave him its confidence. If Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman doubted whether that was the fact at the present, there were means at his disposal of testing it. Mr. Churchill having repeated his question—the phrase referring to "personal honour" having been withdrawn at the suggestion of the Speaker—Mr. Balfour replied that he proposed to take no action in regard to the Resolution passed on the previous night, nor did he see that any action was required.