1 AUGUST 1840, Page 1

The French papers are in a blaze of indignation at

the ntiex- pected disclosure of the secret treaty between England and the three other Powers to settle the affitirs of Turkey and Egypt with- out the concurreuce of' France. Nothing can exceed their exaspe- ration at what they consider the treacherous conduct of our Govern- ment. It must be admitted that as the case now stands, without explanation, the conduct of Lord PALMERSTON seems to warrant the censure. Hardly any thing short of immediate war will allay the fury of some of these journalists. The army, it is said, is to be raised to half a million, to resist the united eff rts of the MY alliance against France. The public funds at Paris have been seriously affected by the prospect of a breach with England. The celebra- tion of the "Three Days" has, however, tended to direct the atten- tion of the Parisians from more distant speculations. The funeral procession, on Tuesday, was interrupted by the riotous conduct of some Republicans, who attempted to join it. After some resist- ance, they were allowed to accompany it for a short distance, and then were compelled to retire by the Municipal Guards, but without bloodshed.