1 AUGUST 1840, Page 14

The parties who have the management of the Belgian railroads

have been induced to.consult the wishes of smokers by making carriages for their separate use. These new carriages are now constructing; they are to be called " smoking-diligences." The abstinence from cigars must have proved a great drawback to the pleasure of railroad-travel- ling abroad, where the custom is almost general. Some of the Brussels papers. however, think too much indulgence is granted to smokers by the DCW regulation, and that it will he attended with danger. We shall probably soon see the example followed in England.

One of the London gas-light companies has entered into an agreentent with the managers of the Qtes to be given at Antwerp in honour of Rubens, to illuminate different parts of the town with devices to gas. This kind of illumination is at present unknown in Belgium.

The savans of Austria have petitioned the Government to found .an academy of sciences in Vienna, similar to that in Paris; with the sig- nificant exception of the branch of moral and political science. Prince Metternich it is said is favourable to the plan.