1 AUGUST 1840, Page 15



Memoirs of the Omit of England during the Ramo of the Stuarts, Mainline the

Protectorate. By .Iohn Mileage Jesse. Vols. Its mut iv Bentley. Morrtay Alive:VW/LE, Rough No. es ii' lie' campaign in Slade and Afghanishut, in 18:i8.9, being Extracts from ii Pers.:nal Journal kept while on the Stan' a the Army of the Indus by Ma or .1 tutu Outrun, Twenty-third Regiment of Native InMotu. now Political Agent ia Iliti,tiale.) with Mans uf G1t,,ui and 1. in-lit. Reprinted from

Ridardson . the Bombay edition

Taavo,s, Letters from Italy to (t Younger Sister. By Catherine Taylor Mirror,.


Bemoan ; aTale, in Two Parts. Pitt the First—England; Part the Second—Ireland.

Knight and Co.