1 AUGUST 1840, Page 7

An action was tried at the late Kildare Assizes for

libel, arising out of a publication in the Morning Chionicle, for which the Lord 13eresford sued and obtained a verdict with 100/. damages. A paper, published in Carlow, the scene of the transaction, attributed the authorship of the libel in the Awning Chronicle to " a malignant and coaled assassin well known in that county ;" and the Reverend Mr. Tyrrell, a Catholic clergyman, resident upon Lord Beresford's estate, conceiving himself to be designated by those words, proceeded against the publisher. The editor of the paper swore, that by the phrase " a cowled assassin," of which he avowed himself the author, he did not mean Mr. Tyrrell, but some other Roman Catholic clergyman ; and the Jury being unable to come to an unanimous decision, were discharged without finding a verdict.

At Antrim Assizes, on Friday, John Hill was indicted for the murder of his Avila., his two children, and his mother-in-law, near Ballymona. The Governor and the medical attendant of the gaol proved the total insanity of the Prisoner; on which Baron Foster directed that he should be kept in strict confluement. At the Tipperary Assizes, on Saturday, Mr. Sergeant Moore sen- tenced, John Burke, Michael and John M'Gratla Thomas and Henry M'Auliffe, convicted of Whiteboy offences, to be transported for seven years ; Thomas and James Reilly, robbery of her Majesty's mail, seven year? transportation ; Laurence Davis, convicted of petjury, in swear- ing that he had put in no nomination-paper at the election of Poor-law Guardians, when it was proved he had, (the Jury recommended him to Mercy, on the ground that his mind was weakened by the habitual use of ardent spirits—that he had since reformed, having taken the pledge,) three months' imprisonment: John Ryan and Edmond Ryan, convicted of murder, were sentenced to be hanged on the 4th September.