1 AUGUST 1840, Page 7

SCOTLAND. The Scotch Law Courts have decided that the claim

made against the imposer and seconder of Mr. Sharman Crawford, who had been put in

nomination for Edinburgh on one of the elections for Mr. Macaulay, for the expenses of the hustings, could not be maintained. The prin- cipal grounds were, that no poll was demanded, the mover and seconder having acquiesced in the show of hands.

In the Jury Court of Edinburgh, on Thursday, an action was brought by Mr. Donald Horne against Mr. Rose Ross, for defamation of cha- racter. The damages were laid at 1,0001. The alleged defamation was the defender having called the pursuer a coward, or a damned coward, to the loss, injury, and damage of the pursuer. The firm in which Mr. Horne is a partner conducted the defender's business : a dispute arose between the parties ; Mr. Ross owing Mr. Horne some money, certain deeds were withheld, which gave offence to the defender, who wished to settle the business by resorting to a duel ; but the pursuer not liking that way of adjusting accounts, the defender lost his temper, and ap- plied the offensive and defamatory expressions towards him, at Wilson's Inn, Inverness, in the presence of several persons. The Jury, after a short deliberation, unanimously found a verdict for the pursuer, with 500/. damages.