1 FEBRUARY 1919, Page 1

The Admiralty will command the hearty approval of the nation

in its decision to give the officers and men of the Navy a temporary bonus as an instalment of the " just and equitable remuneration which their services so well merit." The evidence obtained by Admiral Jerram's Committee and by two Grand Fleet Committees has satisfied the Board that the seals of pay obtaining before the war is wholly inadequate in these days, and that an immediate increase all round Is necessary until a new and more liberal scale is fixed. The bonus, taking effect from to-day, will add, for example, eighteenpenee to the A.B.'s daily rate, four shillings and sixpence to the Lieutenant's pay, and six shillings to the Captain's pay. The total coat of the bonus will be £4,500,000 a year. It is a very small sum com- pared with the bonuses that have been distributed so freely of late to well-paid munition workers, and every penny of it has been earned by strenuous and self-denying toil.