1 FEBRUARY 1919, Page 1

The Allied Peace Conference held its second plenary session last

Sanirlay. President Wilson-moved a resolution in favour of the establishment of a League of Nations as an essential and integral part of the Treaty of Peace. The world, he said, demanded security for the settlement. America could not guarantee it unless that guarantee involved " the continuous superintendence of the peace of the world by the associated nations of the world." He could not return to America without having made every effort to set up a League of Nations, which would prevent the aggression of great Powers upon small nations, and hinder little cliques of men from using mankind as pawns in a game. " The fortune's of mankind are now in the hands of the plain people of the whole world. Satisfy them, and you have not only justified their confidence but established peace." Mr. Lloyd George seconded the resolution, referring to the horrors of the war zone and the acres of soldiers' graves as convincing reasons why there must be a saner plan for settling disputes. Signor Orlando, M Bourgeois, and the Chinese and Polish delegates gave hearty support to the resolu- tion, and a Committee was appointed to draft a scheme.