1 FEBRUARY 1919, Page 11


[Letters of the length of one of our leading paragraphs are often more read, and therefore more effective, than those which fill treble the space.] THE WAR GRAVES.


Sia,—May I add my testimony to the many letters you have probably received regarding the strong feeling the Graves Com- mission have evoked by their action in practically forbidding any individual form of memorial on the graves of our heroes abroad ? Especially do we bereaved parents feel it hard that religious symbols should be excluded. Three of my eons have died on the field of battle in Flanders and France. and, in company with many another mourner, I should have wished to be allowed to choose my memorial, and feel pained at the idea of a rigorous uniformity of expression. Those who have ever worked amonget the poor know well that they care oven more than the highly educated for personal commemoration in stone or marble of their beloved dead, so that if the design of the Graves Commission was to be democratic and to please the majority, they have, I believe, singularly failed.—I am, Sir, Be.,