1 FEBRUARY 1919, Page 11

[To res EDITOR or vas " Semmes"]

Sia,—Referring to State ownership of public-houses, you write as follows "Everywhere the management of public-houses would be quite disinterested. The publican would be free to make as much profit as he could upon food and non-alcoholic drinks, but be would not earn a single penny upon the increased sale of beer, spirits, or wine. His one interest would be to push the non-alcoholic side of his business."

These words so exactly describe the benefits of the Public- House Trust, or, as it is now called, "Trust Houses, Ltd.," that I venture to draw your attention to the principles upon which the Trust is running. The experience of what has been the result of this system since its start until the very im- portant position it holds to-day has long ago convinced me that this is the secret of the Drink question, and holds the field against any other system by which people are kept sober and are catered for in an intelligent, common-sense manner, apart from the fact that as an investment it is beyond question.— I am, Sir, Be., ALFRED REYNOLDS. Ayot Bury, Welwyn, Herts.