1 FEBRUARY 1919, Page 22

After the War. By Lord Esher. (J. Murray. 2s. ed.

net)— In this little book, addressed to Mr. Smillie as a political opponent,

Lord Esher has set down his reflections on the Crown, the Church, the Cabinet, Parliament, and the League of Nations. Our Constitutional Monarchy—" not a power but an influence "- must, he thinks, be recognized as superior to an elective Presi- dency if its nature and limitations are clearly understood. He is anxious for the future of the Church, because townsfolk do not realize the value of the country parson in the village. He foresees a still greater increase in the power of the Cabinet, and a further decline in the power of a Parliament which is over- shadowed by the Press. He is not very hopeful as to the out- come of the Peace Conference, unless indeed the Great Powers, like the larger States in America, agree to treat the smaller Powers as their equals in a League of Nations—a condition which is unlikely to be accepted at present.