1 FEBRUARY 1919, Page 23

The Cradle of the War. By H. Charles Woods. (P.

Murray. 12s. net)—This is an interesting account of the political and military position in the Balkans and Asiatic Turkey up to last summer. Though the complete victory of tho Allies has trans. formed the situation since then, the events of the past few years need to be thoroughly understood if there is to ben durable settlement. Tho author deals separately with each of the Balkan States, and devotes good chapters to the military high- ways of the Balkans and to the Baghdad Railway. The book is well illustrated. In regard to the Dardanelles Campaign, the author remarks that " the more one knows of the Allied diffi. culties existing at the time and the more one has seen of the areas in question, the less ono is inclined to criticize." It may, however, be observed that the Russian appeal on January 2nd, 1916, for a " demonstration" against Turkey to relieve the pressure on the Caucasian front ceased to be imperative a week or so later when the Turks sustained a decisive defeat at Sarykamish.