1 FEBRUARY 1919, Page 23

The Game of Diplomacy. By a European Diplomat (Hutchin- son-

108. 6d. net.)—M. E. de Scholking, the Russian journalist and diplomatist who is the author of this lively book, describes the foreign policy of the late Tsar and the men who served him at home and abroad, and devotes chapters to the German Emperor, the ex-King of Bulgaria, and to the general breakdown of Tearism which led to the Revolution. Unlike General Gourko, the author admits that Russia was largely responsible for Rumania's defeat in 1916 ; but he adds that the Rumanians

adopted a faulty plan of campaign, and did not ask for more than three Russian divisions when they needed at least twenty. M. Sazonoff, according to the author, was duped by Bulgaria, because he trusted too much to the advice of EL Miliukoff, who was blindly prejudiced in favour of King Ferdinand and his crafty people. M. tie Schelking's personal impressions of well- known Russian and German Ministers are frank and readable.