1 JULY 1882, Page 1

The Conference on Egypt is still sitting at Constantinople, and

as yet complete secrecy has been maintained as to its proceed- ings. The correspondent of the Times, indeed, affirms that everything is going wrong, that the majority wish to remove Tewfik in favour of Habra, and that England will shortly be completely isolated. It is probable, however, that the writer receives information from an Embassy which is not disinclined that England should ask its help. The Conference was called to consider the easiest method of restoring the statue quo, not to decide on the fate of Egypt, and its members must be per- fectly well aware that no decision to which Great Britain is opposed could be a lasting settlement. It is quite possible that the German Powers suggested a solution which would have been acceptable to the Porte, but they cannot care for one Khedive more than another, and will speedily withdraw a proposition so unacceptable. Another report is that the Con- ference has decided that order shall be restored, but that there is the usual difficulty as to the mandatory, the Sultan objecting to use any troops but his own, and declining to send them. The truth is, the secret of the proceedings is well kept, and that the Powers are endeavouring to obtain the adhesion of Turkey. That is evident from the long discussions between Lord Dufferin and Reschid Pasha, the Sultan's private secretary, through whom he negotiates over the heads of the Ministry. The deci- sion, however, can hardly be delayed over next week.