1 JULY 1882, Page 1

There has been another bad murder in Ireland. Mr. Blake,

the land agent of the Marquis of Clanricarde, and his bailiff, Thady Roane, were shot dead on Thursday, within half a mile of Loughrea, through a loopholed wall. Mr. Blake was over • seventy years of age, and had been Lord Clanricarde's agent for many years, and was generally liked. But Lord Clan- ricarde's tenants had applied recently for an abatement of rent, which was refused, and the agent's assassination, with that of his servant, was the penalty. Certainly, the Irish secret societies do not even attempt to make revenge the kind of "wild justice" it was once supposed to be ; but almost by preference elect to shoot the irresponsible instrument, in place of the responsible author of the acts they choose to condemn.

reither Mr. Blake nor poor Rutin° could have altered the Delius of Clauricarde's mind, whether that were right or rong. Yet these deliberate, cruel, and cowardly murders are e crimes which the Irish Members describe as the frenzied s of a starving people. For the most part, the really ..vying people are pathetically patient, and not frenzied. Nor the assassins frenzied, either. They appear to have their .ts about them as completely as cardsharpers or pickpockets, Lnd to protect themselves even more skilfully from detection.