1 JULY 1882, Page 2

The Irish denunciations of Mr. Kavanagh's programme are more violent

than coherent. The Iriehmao calls it "demoniac,. hideous, and damnable," and then goes on as follows :—"The Cromwellian Company must arm and drill a ferocious rabble of Yeomanry, on the plan of the hideous savages of '98, in order to carry out its huge and hideous plot for the organisation. of the spoliation of our country. Well, if it persists in its course, the war wh'.ch it challenges must come. The Irish enemies, we can tell the Cromwellia,n Company, have met their masters before now, and survived them. They encountered without fear the legions of the usurper himself, and, they look with- out apprehension to the assault of his miserable imitators." This is hardly the language of people who measure their words, or attempt even to arrange their thoughts. It is more like Mr. Jefferson Brick's language,—was it not concerning the murder of the British lion,--which was "to spout up into the universal arch above us its sanguinary gore ?"—than anything else we can remember. What is certainly striking is that, by so many Irishmen, very cruel and cowardly assassinations are spoken of with extenuation, while most open and manly attempts to resist and prevent assassination are talked of in language of hysteric passion,—which hardly conveys a meaning.