1 JULY 1882, Page 23

The Belgium of the East. By the Author of "Egypt

under Ismail Pasha." Edited by Blanchard Jerrold. (W. H. Allen and Co.)— Just now, when events are moving BO rapidly, it is dangerous to write about Egypt, and not less dangerous to criticise what is written. The writer favours the National Party. We can only hope that the National Party is all and means to do all that he describes them as being and intending to do. Egypt, it is true, has had no " national " party for two thousand years and more, and one cannot help being somewhat incredulous. Is it a fine name, intended to conceal the ambition of a few, working on the fanaticism of the multitude P A series of volumes on the military history of the great Civil War in America is now being published. Of this series, Campaigns of the Civil War, we have now before us three volumes, The Peninsula : M'Clellan's Campaign of 1862; The Army under Pope, by Uodman Rogers ; and The Army of the Cumberland, by Henry M. 01st. (Charles Scribner's Sons, New York ; Trübner, London.)—This war will ulti- mately be described with a thoroughness such as no war has been treated with before. There never was one where there were so many competent observers, and so much material readily accessible.