1 JULY 1882, Page 23

We have received the following :—Catalogue of the Liverpool Free

Public Library, "Reference Department," Part II. (Marples and Co.) —Vol. I. of the Bibliographer, and Vol. IV. of the Antiquary (Elliot Stook).—Handbook of Heraldry, by J. E. Cussans (0 hs,tto and Windus), third edition.—Mareo.Visconti, a translation from the Italian of T. Grossi (Bell and Sons).—The Annual Register for 1881, now series (Rivingtons).—Might's Lessons on Form, for the use of teachers and pupils in elementary schools (Longmans).—The Epistle to the Hebrews, by A. B. Davidson, M.A., LL.D.; and The Church, by W. Binnie, D.D.,—two additions to the series of "Handbooks for Bible Classes" published by Messrs. Clark, of Edinburgh.—Gardens and Woodlands, edited by Anne J. Hope Johnstone, a collection of notes and thoughts on gardening, written chiefly for amateurs by the late Francis 3. Hope (Macmillan and Co.)—Williams' Principles of the Law of Real Property, the fourteenth edition, incorporating the Con- veyancing and Law of Property Act, 1881, by T. C. Williams (Sweet).—The Eropositor, Vol. III., second series (Hodder and Stoughton.—The Incorporated Law Society Calendar for 1S82.— Through America ; or, Nine Months in the United States, by W. G. Marshall, M.A. (Sampson Low and Co.), a new and cheaper edition. —Anglers' Evenings (Heywood and Son, Manchester ; Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., London), the second volume of a series of illus- trated papers by members of the Manchester Anglers' Association.— Memorials of Theophilus' Trinal (Clarke and Co.), fourth edition.— Tourists' Guide to Cambridgeshire, by A. G. Hill, and Tourists' Guide to Warwickshire; by G. P. Bevan, the latest additions to Stanford's "Tourists' Guide Series."—The Life and Ministry of John the Baptist, by A. M. Lymington, D.D., and the Religious Topography of England, by S. It. Pattison (Religious Tract Society).—The Principles of Col. Ziery Ventilation, by A. Begot (Kogan Paul and Co.), second edition. —The Approaching End of the Age, by G. Guinness (Hodder and Stoughton), eighth edition.—The Crops of the Farm (Bradbury, Agnew, and Co.).—Hints for Investors, by W. M. Playford (Crosby Lockwood and Co.).—Country Sports ; Bees, Rabbits, and Pigeons ; Dogs and Cats ; three additions to the "handy series" issued by Messrs. Ward, Lock, and Co.—Every-day Life in Our Public Schools, edited by C. E. Pascoe (Griffith and Ferran), a new and revised edition.—The Army and Navy Calendar, 1882-3.—Private Theatricals (Allen and Co.).—The Perfect Way in Diet, by Anna Kingsford (Kegan Paul and Co.).—Notes on Cage Birds, edited by W. T. Greene, M.A., and Pic- ture-frame Makfiag for Antatears (L. U. Gill).