1 JULY 1882, Page 3

The "Salvation Army" are justly proud of having bought the

lease of the Grecian Theatre (the Eagle Tavern) for £16,750, in addition to which they have to pay £365 a year ground-rent. he premises will hold 5,000 persons, and the Archbishop of Can- terbury has intimated that he approves of the rescue of the pre- mises from purposes involving so much moral danger to thou- Lands of the people, for the ends of the Salvation Army, though he carefully-reserves the difficult question how far the Clergy .of the Church of England may be able to co-operate with the Salvation Army in its work. To mark his approval of the public spirit of the leaders of the "Salvation Army," the. Archbishop heads the subscription for the purchase-money with a contribution of £5,— an example which has already been largely followed by generous Churchmen. We do not see that any large-minded person need hesitate to con- tribute to the work done by any religious body whatever, however much its creed may differ from his own, so long as he believes the work to be thoroughly sincere on the part of the actual workers, and productive of good on the whole. Nor is there any reasonable ground to doubt either of these condi- tions in the Case of the " Salvation Army."