1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 1

Lord Melchett and Mr. Baldwin

If as a result of the Party meeting or of the South Paddington by-election Mr. Baldwin's hold should be in any way weakened, Lord Beaverbrook and Lord Bother- mere would, of course, claim a victory. With this possibility in view it is as well to remember how much the case for circumspection in applying Protection has been strengthened during the past few days. The news from the North of England is not the whole story. Lord Melchett and Lord Elibank, who seemed to be " whole hoggers "—to revive the Tariff Reform phrase of nearly thirty years ago—in the interests of Empire Free Trade, have announced that they are satisfied with Mr. Baldwin's recent declaration. " It seems to us," they say, " to carry out the policy for which we have been striving, and it provides an entirely free hand to grapple with the great task that lies ahead of the Conservative Party."