1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 2

The conditions in India continually improve. Even in Gujarat, where

Mr. Gandhi started civil disobedience, life is more nearly normal than it has been for a long time, and arrears of taxation have been coming in. The Daily Herald, which presumably has easier access than any other paper to the secrets of the Government, an- nounced on Thursday, October 28rd, that the Viceroy in Council has produced proposals for a new Indian Constitution which will be laid before the Round Table Conference. The main feature is said to be a plan for making the Central Government responsible to the Legislature. The Daily Herald says that Lord Irwin agrees with the suggestion in the Simon Report that the Provinces should become virtually autonomous, but he is convinced that " the time has come " for a move towards responsibility at the Centre. He is persuaded that no proposals short of this will be regarded " as even discus-

sable " by the Indian representatives at the Conference. * * * *