1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 2

The New South Wales . Election

The General Election in New South Wales has unexpectedly given the Labour Party a majority of ten in a House of ninety members. Mr. Lang comes back as Premier in place of Mr. Bavin. This is a serious

fact when Australia is desperately intent upon economy, and the effects have been appreciable on all the Stock Exchanges of the Empire. Mr. Lang, who during his last term of office conducted a spendthrift policy, restated his case only too clearly in his recent election campaign. It cannot be pretended that he has received his majority through any , misunderstanding. He roundly attacked the policy of economy and self-sacrifice. He derided the Conference of Premiers and the Joint Loan Council, and declared that the cuts in salaries and wages were unnecessary and ought not to be tolerated. His own policy for undoing the harm of over-spending was to stimulate industry, to develop the undeveloped parts of the country, to organize markets and to stabilize prices-