1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 23


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] Sin,—M. Megroz has asserted that in my book The Apes of Uod I " caricatured" the Sitwells : next (inviting us to transfer our attention to himself) he informs the world, in an access of fierce humility, what he gets for the job All of which requires us to presuppose that "the exceptional family group " in question were, in fact, so signally honoured by me. This assimilation of The Apes of God, which is purely'a work of art, to a work of biographical boost (about however " exceptional " a family group, by however. sturdy and indignant a Megrozl, cannot be allowed to pass. Cer- tainly I am willing to register my sympathy with M. Megroz upon the smallness of the figure he mentions—namely £34. But I must, at the same time, protest when he announces that I, like himself, have written a book about the Sitwells.