1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 3

The characteristic rhodomontade of the speeches in Tuscany and Milan

earlier in the year was repeated in the references to Italian foreign policy, but there were three phrases which from the point of view of European peace mark a certain advance. Signor Mussolini expressly stated that Fascist Italy will " never take the initiative in a war." His comment on the question of treaty revision was extremely guarded, but differed in fact very little from the view taken by a majority in Great Britain, especially as to the need for a reduction of armaments in accordance with the clear obligation of Article 8 of the Covenant. Finally, he made it clear that Italian pacific expansion must be only toward the East-- a sufficient explanations of Italy's present friend- ships and alliances. The inference is that the present

Franeo-Italian discord need not be perpetuated. * * * *