1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 3

The Revolution in Brazil

Oh Friday, October 24th, the Brazilian Government was overthrown, not by the revolutionary forces which were advancing on Rio de Janeiro, both from north and south, but by the garrison, supported by the Navy, which decided to leave Dr. Washington Luiz and his friends in the lurch. Sao Paulo went over to the rebels on the same clay. A Provisional Government was set up under General Barret°, with a policy of " immediate reconciliation of the Brazilian family " and " the maintenance of all national pledges." The signs arc, however, that the Brazilian family is not altogether reconciled. Several Generals, at all events, did not see eye to eye with the Junta, and a certain agreement was reached only after the formation of another Provisional Government, and the decision to nominate Dr. Vargas President of the Republic. Dr. Vargas was the defeated candidate in the election for the Presidency last spring. Among British firms which have interests in Brazil there seems to be little alarm. President Hoover, however, is in an awkward position, because he declared in favour of the Federal forces which have been routed. It appears that Dr. Julio Prestes, who was to have succeeded Dr. Luiz on November 15th, has been arrested. The President him- self is a prisoner of the Junta.

* * *