1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 32

ELFWIN. By S. Fowler Wright. (Herren. 7s. 6d4— All who

like tales of high romance and valour will enjoy Mr. Fowler Wright's latest book when once they have made the acquaintance of its innumerable characters. The first chapter is not easy reading : the pages are littered with Danish and Saxon names, and those who are not historically minded may find it a little difficult to understand what is happening. The author concerns himself with the period immediately following the death of Alfred, when Edward, King of Wessex and Ethelfieda, Queen of Mereia, made plans together for the outwitting of the Danes, and arranged that the Queen's daughter Elfwin should marry the King's son, The book tells the story of Elfwin's love for a Dane, her adventures in the enemy camp, her many dangers and her rival loyalties. Mr. Fowler Wright avoids the sentimen- talities common to those who write of chivalry, and tells his tale of intrigue with the utmost directness. Though his latest book is not his best, it should add to his reputation as a producer of really sound fiction.