1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 32

THE YOUNG AND SECRET. By Alice Grant Rosman. (Mills and

Boon).—Miss Rosman's latest novel has all the qualities of a magazine story. A nice young man and a nice young girl meet over a dog-fight in Kensington Gardens. He is a sculptor and she has a pretty figure, and, luckily for both of them, the dog is just wounded enough to make it necessary for all three of them to visit the vet and to make friends without impropriety. Of course we know from the first that they will marry and live happily ever after, and so we are not in the least perturbed at the many misunderstand' ings that arise between them. Miss Rosman's novel has., slick plot, but she writes quite amusingly, and manages w interest us, though faintly, in a-number of people besides her hero and heroine.