1 NOVEMBER 1930, Page 35

SOrne Books of the Week

OCIUNG the past month the books most in demand at the Times Book Club have been :— NoN-Ficrion : Chapters of Autobiography, by the Earl of Balfour ; Labels, by Evelyn Waugh ; My Early Life, by Winston Churchill ; The Conquest of Happiness, by Bertram Russell ; Secret Service, by Sir George Aston ; Between Ourselves, by Seymour Hicks ; The Turning Points of History, by the Earl of Birkenhead ; I Was an Actor Once, by Robert fourtneidge. FICTION : Staying with Relations, by Rose Macaulay ; Grand Hotel. by Vicki Baum • Imperial Palace, by Arnold Bennett ; Tht Fool of the Family, by Margaret Kennedy ; Cakes and 4k, by W. Somerset Maugham ; On Forsyte 'Change, by John Galsworthy ; Mackerel Sky, by Helen Ashton ; The Bracelet, by Robert Hichens.